How To Eliminate bad Odors From your automobile, RV, Office, Home, Kitchen, And More

How To Eliminate Odors From Automobiles, RVs, Office, Homes, Kitchens And More

A nice and peaceful atmosphere is your home, office, or anywhere that is aesthetically pleasing and smells good. It doesn't have anything to do with good taste, beauty grabs attention faster than anything.

However, the amazing décor and atmosphere can feel disturbing if accompanied by a strong bad odor. That may be due to smoking cigarettes, marijuana, cigars or having something that leaves an after smell that lasts.

We will discuss some tips that help to get rid of these annoying odors.

Cautions To Prevent Odors

Here, we have some pro tips to help you maintain a healthy and refreshing atmosphere in your home, office, kitchen, or anywhere you want.

1. Take Care Of Ventilation

It may sound silly to many, but we often forget to pay attention to tiny things that majorly enrich the environment. Using an air freshener is insufficient if you have had lunch or dinner in your bedroom, living room, or office with friends.

Sometimes, people smoke or snack in the car, which can lock the smoke and smell in the car. Food or weed leaves a strong aroma that lasts a long time. Please open the windows for a few minutes, as this will help eliminate the smell.

Once done, use air fresheners or a deodorizer such as OdoRize to eliminate any unpleasant after smell.

2. Pay Keen Attention To Cleanliness

Leaving empty food boxes, juices, or leftover food is another factor that locks the bad smell inside a room. It will not only lock the smell inside the room but also be very unhygienic as various insect species will also appear.

Taking care of cleanliness is crucial to have a healthy yet enchanting environment. Always check whether you've emptied the trash can and put the bin outside the room. Keeping the room clean of debris will save you from annoying smells of rotten leftovers.

How To Eliminate Odors From Automobiles, RVs, Offices, Homes, Kitchens And More

Taking care of cleaning and ventilation is great, but of course, it only works in some situations. Especially if an infant or a pet urinates on your carpet or some other accident happens on the floor or sofa, etc. So, let's find out how to remove an RV smell, vomit, urine, or other bad odors from the place.

1. Get Rid Of RV Smells

An RV smell can be irritating and difficult to get rid of, but there are effective ways to rid it of bad odors. You can transform any place into a nice-smelling space where you genuinely want to spend time.


You may ventilate your RV, turn up the heat till the chemicals burn off or use air fresheners. The easiest way to get rid of an odor in your RV is to give it some time. After a few weeks, the smell will naturally fade away.

Moreover, if you want a quick fix, you can use OdoRize spray it on the spills to fix them in minimum time and with no effort.

2. Get Rid Of Pet Odors

If you are a pet parent, you're probably used to all the scents accompanying your baby. It doesn't matter where the scent comes from vomit, urine, or feces. You don't want it to linger in your house.


Consider using OdoRize to eliminate pet odors such as dried pee or vomit smell. When using it, make sure to follow the bottle's directions. For more difficult pet odor removal on older stains, we suggest calling a professional carpet cleaner to remove any residue and then finishing it off with OdoRize

3. Get Rid Of Mold

In most cases, a tiny amount of mold or mildew won't make you sick, but understanding how to get rid of preventing mold and its smell can help you avoid it getting worse. Mold can also damage goods kept in the home and cause an allergic reaction.


You can think about putting undiluted vinegar in a spray bottle and spritzing the moldy area to get rid of it. Leave it for an hour, clean the area with water, and let it dry. Or use some OdoRize spray if you want the job done in minimum time and without the after smell of vinegar. After applying OdoRize with a sprayer to the affected area, wait 10 minutes before scrubbing the mold.

This remedy is very effective, but it's best to seek professional help if the mold is severe.

4. Get Rid Of Weed, Marijuana, Or Any Smokey Smell

After a session of weed or marijuana, the cleanup task can seem even more difficult when your room, house, or car still smells like marijuana. If you ignore the scent for too long, other items in your house may also begin to smell.


Use OdoRize on clothing, sofa, and even in the air for prompt and effective odor removal. Not only will it help get rid of smell quickly, but it is quite helpful for disinfecting.

Spraying the quick-acting solution all over the space can help efficiently eliminate marijuana odors as the smoke goes away, and you'll notice a difference immediately.

Following your session, if the carpet, seats, or anything still smells like marijuana, sprinkle a little baking soda over the area to absorb any residue, let it sit for 30 minutes before vacuuming. 

5. Get Rid Of Smoke From Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, you cannot avoid smoke, as that is the origin of the house or any place meant to produce smoke. However, following some tips can save you from trouble.


One or more of the following cleaning techniques may be useful depending on how strong the smoke odors are since they can be fairly difficult to remove. First, make sure to inspect and clean the chimney flue every year.

Close the HVAC return vent in the smoking area to stop the recirculation of smoke-filled air throughout the remainder of the house. Additionally, utilize an air purifier and replace the filters regularly.

6. Get Rid Of Smoke From Car

Your car is your private place. If you smoke cigarettes, cigars, or weed in your car then you know how stubborn these odors can be.  Sometimes you need to make your ride smell new again, wether for a date, business meeting, or family trips.

No matter how extreme the weather is, try to open the windows for at least 7 to 8 minutes. Also, OdoRize your cars seats, headliner, glass and floor. 

The Bottom Line

If you are a smoker, foodie, pet parent, or a parent to little kids then you've have experienced foul odors. 

Obviously we cannot disown kids or pets just because they make a mess that leaves an after smell, so we have offered you an alternative. 

The article outlines some effective remedies that you can use to eliminate odors from automobiles, RVs, offices, homes, kitchens and more. Now try OdoRize, it is a very effective deodorizer and disinfectant.

Taking care of cleanliness can do half of the job, and the rest of the work can be easily done by following the tips discussed in the article.

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